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Astolot Educational Centre strives to meet the individual learning needs of students. Our students have the potential to reach academic goals once they understand their learning style and have the resources to succeed. Astolot students are neighbour children and come from as far as a 90 minute drive. Students may be gifted, have dyslexia, dysgraphia, Asperger's, NLD or a social or emotional need for a small, respectful learning environment.

Both students and teachers have a role in directing learning. How much responsibility each student takes depends on their personality. Ideally, each student becomes more responsible each term they are at Astolot, through the development of learning skills. The students have input into the way they learn best as they become more aware of their own learning style, they can utilize this knowledge. The method of teaching and learning varies due to learning needs and student maturity.

Jennifer Cowan, Owner/Director


Jennifer Cowan holds a M.Ed. In Psychopedagogy, the individual as learner, with fifteen years public education classroom experience. Eight of those years were as primary or junior division leader. Additionally, she holds her Principal's Papers from OISE. The past 13 years she has guided Astolot.

Click here to see a slideshow of some highlights of the school year.